"Hey there, I'm Nnamdi. I design, develop & deploy."


Software Design

As a software enginering student, I write source code to program computers for specific tasks like merging databases, routing communications and conducting researches. I do this through powerful programming languages such as C++ , Javascript, python and SDKs such as Flutter.

Web Development

Building websites and making sure they function properly for great user experience is a pivotal role I play. This includes the client facing side of the web development. I am aided by languages such as HTML, CSS, javascript, Frameworks such as Node.js & React.

Cloud Computing

By delivering services throughout the internet such as servers, databases and wide range of softwares, I am able to provide public and private services (at a lower fee) on a network to specific clients.

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I'm a Software Engineering Student.

My name is Nnamdi Ajoku. I grew up in Nigeria and moved over to Canada to further my studies in the ever growing technological field. I am a software engineering student currently studying at the University of Alberta.

I develop websites, re-route communication and engage in research especially in Artificial Intelligence. I love learning new things and tackling variety of problems. I have worked in technological industries whereby I was actively engaged in Robotics and Cloud computing at its finest.

I hope you have fun engaging on my website.

"Building modern Microservices and delivering them through modern API methods"

Completed Projects